I did eventually collapse in a panting sweaty heap

So the weather when I was running this morning was actually quite nice. Sun shining, and the general coolness meant I didn’t collapse in a panting sweaty heap after three or four minutes, although I did eventually collapse in a panting sweaty heap when I got home. Sorry about that image.
And I got up to the Posh Shop and got stuff for lunch, dinner this evening (chorizo) and breakfast tomorrow, which felt like an achievement. And I did a bunch of corrections, though I decided to put of the next bit (reducing the whole book to 85% of its current size) until tomorrow, because I’m basically a coward.
Dinner was excellently spicy, but then that’s chorizo’s function. Purists will be horrified to discover that I essentially stewed them, but then horrifying purists is one of the simple pleasures I have in life.
More sound file work and trying to install an application called Synfig (which is actually for animation). The website offers several different ways to install the program, none of which actually work. It appears to work fine on other platforms so I have to conclude they’re just doing it to mock Mac owners. Perhaps over the weekend I can fail to compile it from source. The only thing I could try after that would be to attempt to rewrite the software myself from scratch, which would mean learning programming Cocoa from scratch, which is something I really can’t be arsed to do, apart from the fact that I have no idea where I would begin.
The one bright side to trying to install open source software is that it reminds me why I quite happily pay for it most of the time.
(Blender can afford to install easily and work perfectly as it’s confusing enough to be maddening even when it doesn’t fail.)