now isn’t a good time to find out whether it’s possible to be too careful

Foot feeling better – well enough to allow me to go for a run in the afternoon, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that I never bloody learn.
Walk over to East Street to buy fruit and vegetables, stopping for croissants on the way back.
Circling closer and closer to the job at hand – I have to take a 96-page book and reduce it to 85%. This will, for a significant time, create a dreadful mess in the book. First I make a copy (this is on top of the back up, incidentally), then I copy the copy (because now isn’t a good time to find out whether it’s possible to be too careful, though I hope I’ve not gone in the other direction and made so many versions it’s difficult to tell them apart), then I begin, with the last episode of the last half-series of Dr Who in the background.
Mid-afternoon I go out for that run – there’s something drummy and shouty and allegedly South American going on across the Circus, and when I run past the German Pub on Black Prince Road there’s live jazz going on. And the sun is shining, which is nice. And, as I said, the foot is playing nice.
Home, stretch (this may be the step I forgot a couple of days ago), shower. Cup of tea, then back to the reduction, which continues until bedtime-ish, with a break to make dinner in the middle. I’m listening to Laurie Anderson’s magnificent United States Live, by the way.