I resist the riffish blandisments and go off to work

Oversleep badly. Body decided it needed more sleep.
A really cool riff tries to distract me from going to work. Riffs are like that. It might count as circumstantial evidence of the case for certain kinds of riff-based music being that of the devil. I wouldn’t know. I do know that I resist the riffish blandisments and go off to work.
Into Walker for more Maisy stuff, with lunchtime break for soup and walk with Ben in the sunshine, talking about various things, including William Latham (whatever happened to him, eh?) and Max Hattler. Interesting phase of Maisy development – basically throwing stuff in the general direction of the paper engineer to see what he does with it, with only a vague sense of what will come of it, and bright ideas appearing over the horizon. I don’t write any of them down, so they’ll probably flicker and fall to earth, but still.
Also call up someone about finally (fifteen years too late) putting a basic pickup in the Ibanez acoustic.
Back home – the sun is still shining – dinner, and do a little bit of a few things, including so very minor wallying, some sound file cleaning up and looking to see what happens if I drop a swirly thing into an emitter in Motion (almost as organic as I was hoping).