lulling us into a false sense of security with one before drenching us with the other

Haru gets up early and goes to Oxford for the day. I stay in bed for a bit, then get up and breakfast, then do Stuff.
After lunch I take my old acoustic down to Putney to have a pickup put in it. This is something I should have done twelve years ago rather than cast around for other guitars which I didn’t like quite as much, but which hang around anyway, making the place look untidy.
The weather can’t quite work out whether to shine sunnily or pour torrentially. That, or it’s lulling us into a false sense of security with one before drenching us with the other, out of a perverse sense of fun.
Back to Waterloo, then walk up to Old Compton Street to get my biweekly caffeine blast, then walk home.
Lie down for a bit, then H comes home, then I go to get tonights dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast from the posh shop, before returning to cook the former and put the latter in the fridge, so as to maintain proper sequential ordering.
Watch series one of Chance in a Million, which is wonderful. My favourite episode is the bank one, though it’s worth noting that the last episode of this series has Mandy Rice-Davies in it. Also included is the pilot – the first half is exactly the same as the first episode, the second different actors and a similar situation with a different coincidence (the trouble at the restaurant comes from a mix-up with actors rather than a genuinely pissed-off waiter), which I prefer, though I can see that it doesn’t pay off the first half as well as the broadcast version.
After that, try watching Newsnight, before finding that Mad Max 2 is on the other side, so watch that instead. It’s much more entertaining, and I find the Humungous and Wez to be both less malevolent and more intellectually stimulating than government ministers.