Choose your framing.

Up early again. Or on time, anyway. Or not late. Choose your framing.
The day contains small chunks of Wally interspersed with running, lunch, dinner and the second half of Monster of Peladon and the first half of Planet of the Spiders (today’s classic Dr Who serials). In the latter, the author tries to imply that Tibetan Buddhism is likely to transport giant spiders across space to conquer the earth. Which is probably stretching the aims and scope of the Mahayana vehicle a bit. A character says that he entered the monastery in search of power, which seems extraordinarily misguided to me, but then I have difficulty sitting for more than an hour, so what would I know.
Anyway, it is a bit slanderous, even more than The Daemons is (as people who worship the devil probably would like to raise him, if only because it would make a good party trick. In all my visits to the local Tibetan Buddhist centre, I’ve never heard anything about giant spiders. Perhaps if I went to the Thai Buddhist centre instead).
In the evening, after the late Wallying, the monthly toast