Slowly incrementing my way towards… dunno.

Not a day of stuff, it must be said. I do get up. That’s one achievement. I go running – the day is glorious, by the way, just nature’s way of saying “Back to school on Monday” – I run up to the Embankment, along past MI6 then back past the Tate and home. Slowly incrementing my way towards… dunno. Being able to do the same thing but for longer. When the tourists go home, I’ll have the South Bank to run along.
In the afternoon I get a call from Ben, who’s struggling with trying to get an ancient Mac (containing the CA back catalogue) to disgorge its treasures. It’s refusing mulefully. I’m talking to him as Ben solves the problem, which isn’t quite the same thing as helping, but feels like it.
Later on I go up to the Posh Shop to get dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast, and then after dinner (essentially chorizo-based, but I’ll not offend the sensibilities of Spanish readers by saying exactly what I did with the chorizo, except to mention chips were involved) I take a Viv sketch of a robot and turn it into a short animation which basically says it’s a short animation of a robot. Still. It’s a start.
I really need to get more RAM for my computer – Motion and FCP need a lot more memory than I currently have to offer and the whole thing slows to a crawl.