I’m not a venal doodle-pirate

Saturday morning bacon and eggs and lots of coffee.
While H goes out into the sunshine I make another silly little animation. Mostly I’m trying to find out how the software works, and it’s much better to use the doodles of someone who can actually draw (who has allowed me to do this, by the way, I’m not a venal doodle-pirate), rather than whatever marks I can make.
Trying to evolve a workflow of some kind. This time I animate the characters, then make the background and composite them in Motion, export as a .mov, then create the soundtrack in Logic, then combine them in Final Cut. There’s probably a more sensible way of doing it, but I haven’t worked it out yet.
Do some more sound-file cleaning. These have got quite fiddly, I think. Perhaps I’ve just noticed a better way of doing them, which necessitates fiddliness and I’ll look back at all the others and find fiddliness there, too. I don’t know.
Fish and chips, then Doctor Who, then Confidential (because I’m a hopeless fanboy), then back to the soundfile. I do complete it, but it takes all evening.
Wondering about using my new passport. Pity to waste it…