a kind of churchy section with a pew thing going on

We walk up to the British Museum – which is quite a feat in itself, might I say – via Kingsway, Red Lion Square, Lamb’s Conduit Street and … oh, a bunch of streets. There to see the Mervyn Peake exhibition. It does feel a bit thrown-together-in-a-corridor, but then it’s lovely to see Peake’s stuff in the flesh. It would be nice if someone could mount an enormous exhibition of his work, but then, who would? I suppose.

I had a box of that Mervyn Peake’s original artwork sitting in my living room for a month in about 1999. Kind of scary, actually. I was afraid something would happen to it.

From the Library we go to Chutney’s for lunch, where once again I take the offer All You Can Eat as a challenge and scientific experiment to find out exactly how much I can eat, and then eat more. Very tasty, though. They’ve changed a lot of the food, too for (if it were possible) nicer food.

Still, it seems like a good idea to waddle home again, so I do. H goes off to explore somewhere else.

Outside Central School of Speech and Drama there’s an arrangement of prospecti and silver-painted gnomes. It’s unclear whether one is supposed to take a prospectus, or whether the gnomes are included in the deal or whether the whole thing is a piece of sculpture.

At home I lie on the floor for a bit, then take a call from Walker, then go off to the singing lesson.

I’ve had my ups and downs with practising over the weeks Mette’s been away, and there’s the aforementioned having-eaten-too-much, but it’s a good lesson – manage to get some insights into things that happen while I’m singing 100 Horses that annoy me.

From there, jet across to Highgate for the first night of the new VAC, arriving far too late to get a spot. Stay to watch the show. They’ve got a red ceiling (The Perseverance had a red ceiling, and Moriarty’s, I think – it certainly had red walls – and the upstairs room at the Progress Bar, similarly), and there’s two bits of audience – a kind of churchy section with a pew thing going on and a more louche section that features a sofa.

There’s some ongoing negotiation w/r/t the end time, and I sneak away a few acts before the finish, as I’m a bit tired and would like to get home.