Probably easiest to blame Thatcher.

Generally rainy and miserable day. The weather, anyway.

I manage some minor late Wallification, a run (narrowly avoiding showers and tourists) and the usual meals. Also watch some Davison Who, which I find more difficult than the others. What I watch in particular – Earthshock is problematic because of pantomime cybermen and The Doctor as a sort of surrogate parent to a group of whiny teenagers. Although Beryl Reid is fairly excellent as a sarky captain. Interestingly, they’ve got the gender-blind casting right on this one, and dropped the colour-blind casting. And, of course, Adric explodes at the end, unwittingly trying to save the dinosaurs, (which would presumably have been a crime against the timestreams had he succeeded). At least it stops him complaining.

People say Classic Who has better plots, but I suspect it just makes no sense at all more slowly. Most of the time I don’t mind – I’m fairly indulgent to it, really – but this incarnation leaves me cold. It’s not Davison’s fault, either, really.

Probably easiest to blame Thatcher. It’s what I usually do about anything I’m not keen on from the early 80s. Deely boppers, for example: Thatcher’s fault.

I do dinner, and after dinner have a shot at actualizing Ben’s rejig of the CA site, which will be an enormous improvement on the one I knocked together ten years ago, assuming I succeed.