tend upwards towards infinity

Didn’t go to the market today. Which I ought to have done, as much as I ought not, probably, to have made pancakes for breakfast, but then it’s been Indulgence Week, so pancakes and no market it was.
The day was spent continuing to try to get this video into an uploadable form – I downloaded the new Compressor and set it up for distributed render, but it’s still throwing Estimated Times of Arrival at me that tend upwards towards infinity. Consequently I don’t get many other things done. A lot of copying files I’ll need from CD to the computer, which I suppose is productive. Watching yesterday’s Doctor Who again, as is my wont.
In the evening I go for a run – I decide to go down the river, as although it’s Sunday, I thought given the inclement weather and the Septemberness of it all, it might be a bit quieter. But they were having a festival. Instead of trying to dodge hundreds of people, I would have been trying to dodge thousands were it not for the fact that I began dodging down side streets. I probably ought to pay attention. I try to get annoyed by it … I am annoyed by it, actually … but given that they outnumber me by the many thousands, and they do all seem to be having fun (rather than just having a desultory jog) I suppose they do outrank me.
Home, shower, dinner, watch the suitably dumb second Fantastic Four movie, a few minutes of National Lampoon’s Animal House (which still deserves the accolade “Most Puerile Film I’ve Ever Seen”, though it waves its puerility like a freak banner, it’s almost inspiring) and a few minute of The Road to Wellville (a film so odd the fact that it exists at all should inspire awe and astonishment)