(SPOILER: today I succeed!)

The day…
I can’t go out properly (which means not going into work) because someone needs to be in to get the door, and today it’s me. I try converting the video again (SPOILER: today I succeed!) and do other, less important things.
I go off to Mette’s for my last singing lesson of this batch, which is, as usual, very useful. From there I go up to somewhere-near-Archway where a secret VAC is happening.
Well, not really secret, but Tom suggested meeting up and playing in a pub which was going to be quiet anyway. Magnificent room. Yes, quiet. A lovely couple who agreed to be audience for the night. An adequate PA. I play, Teppei plays, Rob plays, Tom plays (with the PA), then we go round again (without the PA) and I noodle while they play and the don’t tell me to stop. The Acoustic is lovely, but we need the PA.
A stealth semi-open-mic is proposed.
I stagger home drunk and consume sandwiches. Possibly not the best angle to approach a work day from.