Quite a clean day, I think, on the whole.

Into Walker to worship at the feet of the mouse, but before that I have to walk across to East Street to buy fruit and vegetables (stopping at Tesco for tinned beans and toilet paper, a combination which no doubt is setting off all sorts of snarky remarks in your head, but use this as an opportunity to practise restraint). Home. Shower gingerly (so as not to leak too much into downstairs), then off to Walker, where I end up juggling three jobs and getting confused.
Home, then go out for a run. The South Bank is increasingly free of visitors (and completely clear of festivals and flat-bed trucks full of dancing people, which was an obstacle on Sunday), and I manage to run further than previously, which feels quite good. Also there’s the last of what must have been quite a sunny day, which also helps.
Another tentative shower. Quite a clean day, I think, on the whole.
After dinner, an emergency font job (hope that slots in neatly to tomorrow morning) and writing a lot of emails while listening to the majestic new St Vincent album and various progressive sounds.