remarkably animated in their desperation to attract attention

Another Walker/Maisy day, with LASAGNE for lunch, which I probably ought not to have had, but I did, so.
Work being what it is, if you take the office bit out of the day, there’s not much left.
Walk up to the Conway Hall for the Bennett Group in the evening. Remarkable the number of vehicles and people that get between me and where I’m trying to get to. The South Bank still hasn’t quietened down for the autumn, for example (in addition to the post-work crowd and the people on bicycles who are committed to treating the South Bank as a dedicated cycle path. And the Living Statues, some of whom have become remarkably animated in their desperation to attract attention).
After the meeting, walking home across Waterloo Bridge, I see that a sizeable crowd has gathered outside the National Theatre to watch the production from on of the stages inside being projected onto a large screen. I assume they’ve been doing that for a long time, and this is just the first time I’ve noticed. I’m not really noticing particularly well at the moment.
Home, dinner (courtesy of H), some noodling, some emails and bed.