bit of a mistake, it’s a bloodbath

Up at 6:00 and went for a run, as the night stumbled towards dawn. Possibly the only time I’ll do this, but a very good thing to do, especially during a heatwave. Home, shave – bit of a mistake, it’s a bloodbath, and any time I may have gained by getting up early is lost in waiting for the bleeding to stop. Then shower, sit, breakfast.
To Walker, to cut up pieces of paper. And why not.
Brief stop at home, then off to the latest new VAC venue, in Hampstead. It appears my nylon-string’s electronics have decided to not work again. As I’m playing into a microphone, I ditch my intention to do Aerodynamics in front of peoploids, and do 100 Horses (bit rushed, and a mess, but a popular one, apparantly) and The Rest of our Lives, which goes very well. It just goes to show, You Never Can Tell.
Home just before midnight, let’s see what time I get up tomorrow.