“I don’t care what Sunday John promised, I’m going to eat an entire horse

Made pancakes for breakfast. Am intending to cut the amount I eat precipitously from tomorrow, and hope I don’t forget that when I get there. Always possible that the John who wakes up on Monday says “I don’t care what Sunday John promised, I’m going to eat an entire horse“. Though, as I say, I hope not.
Spent the day converting some online diaries (not mine) from .doc format to HTML. Very interesting to read (I’m tangentially related to many of them, and was too distracted at the time to write a diary of my own), and fiddly to convert, because of occasional formatting choices. Also, it took a lot longer than I thought it would – more than The Ultimate Foe, The Leisure Hive, two episodes of This American Life, several talks by Bruce Sterling and John Michael Greer, lunch and a tub of rocky road cakes from the Tesco Express put together. For what it’s worth I consider the cakes as less morally harmful than the fact I bought them from Tesco.
The work was made more difficult by the fact that several times there were momentary power cuts which stopped the computer, so I had to restart it. After four or five of these I called the EDF helpline. The chap at the other end, although he couldn’t give me any clear answer, did it in a helpful-seeming way. I asked if the situation was likely to continue, and he said he couldn’t really tell me in any detail in case it worried me. But there weren’t any after that, anyway.
For some reason, it’s decided to be winter cold. Probably so that we don’t get too carried away by the whole Spring thing.