The Weather Operator is fiendish like that.

Up, sit, breakfast, dither and finally in to Walker’s. Deceptively nice weather, though I suspect all along that the Weather Operator is just trying to lull us into a false sense of security. To catch us out with a sudden downpour.
That said, the nice weather lasts all day. The Weather Operator is fiendish like that.
Home, then out again to Greensmiths to buy various foods. I dither for a long time, wandering in and out of the veg department, as I don’t really know what to buy. I think the person working there is getting suspicious. Though what they suspect, I can’t say.
Anyway, home, cook some of it for dinner, then fail to use the evening usefully, though I do watch some edifying talks on YouTube.
Completely fail to remember the toast.