There must be some energy erupting somewhere.

I somehow oversleep a bit – up, shower, sit, breakfast, fail to get to work early. But get to work, nonetheless. Leg behaving a bit better. Take a lot of photographs and a proper paper engineer tells me that a mechanism I was worrying about was backwards. Which explains that.
At lunchtime I become a member of the South Bank Centre in an attempt to improve my chances of getting a ticket to see Elizabeth Fraser.
Have a lot of enthusiastic conversations. There must be some energy erupting somewhere.
Stop by my father’s on the way home to collect some post that he’d received for me, including the very impressive vinyl edition of The Chap’s We Are Nobody.
Get home, make dinner.
The Braun coffee grinder dies of a fall in a tragic walking-past incident.
After dinner I convert some .doc files to HTML. Yes, I know you can save Word documents as HTML, but machines are not efficient in the way they do it, tending to put hundreds of unnecessary tags all over the place.