my “not early” status

Up, sit, breakfast, etc. Tea this morning…
I’ve been trying to remember what was going to happen on May 3rd, and realised this morning it was the mayoral election. Slightly disappointed, as I thought it was going to be a party or something.
I meant to get in to Walker really early, but found myself delayed until … well … not really early, then realised I didn’t have enough time to make lunch, or any money to buy it, and decided to go to the cash machine after I’d voted, then remembered that the cash machine near the bus stop in Vauxhall was closer to the stop there than the stop and machine were from the Polling Station, got there and it didn’t have any money, so I had to walk miles anyway, resulting in my “not early” status. After that there was all sorts of kerfuffle with coffee, which I won’t go into, as I’m sure you want to hang on to the little will-to-live you still retain. Anyway, a morning of blockages. And I’m unlikely to have helped topple Boris Bloody Johnson, which didn’t really improve my mood. Three polling papers: a yellow one and two shades of pink. Not confusing at all.
Various work stuff, interrupted by lunch.
Walk home, go to the shop, buy vegetables, go home, cook some of them, admire the new coffee grinder which H very kindly went out of her way to go to John Lewis for, then… dither and dribble until bed time. I make a strange funky, dubby loop. If there were a market for tracks three seconds long, I’d be doing OK.