fabulously delicious, but very gadget-reliant

Up… oh, well, it’s a bank holiday so we lie in. I go up to Sainsbury’s and get not quite a substitute for Greensmiths bacon and egg for breakfast.
I do the exports of the edits I made over the weekend and convert them to uploadable files.
Instead of lunch I put a bunch of things in the slow cooker and plan to go out to John Lewis to get a fancy rice cooker, something we’ve needed for a while (and if I’d not dithered at the duty free in Kansai International Airport five years ago we’d already have). On the bus up there, get the device and a couple of jackets in the Salvation Army charity shop (I’ve worn out a lot of my jackets), then home on the tube.
Realise on reading the instructions that I have exactly the amount of time it will take to cook the brown rice before I need to eat dinner if I want to get to the VAC this evening, so that’s strangely neat. I do so. It’s all fabulously delicious, but very gadget-reliant.
Out to the VAC. I’ve not been for months, owing to work, flu and being in a convent. And work again.
One of the acts taps his foot slightly fast than he’s playing, so he keeps going in and out of phase with it. Try to imagine how difficult it would be to do that deliberately and it hurts my brain rather.
When it comes to me, I ramble on about In the Night Garden rather, to give the young people who’ve come to see the previous act a chance to leave the room. As it happens they leave the room quite quietly during my second song, so. I play Learning to Crash and The Rest of Our Lives, and realise I need new songs and to have practised the slightly less new ones.
Bus home, check the upload, soon to bed.