I think it’s the natural successor to The Goon Show, myself.

As the sun was shining (or making such a good attempt at it, that it would be churlish not to give it the credit for trying), we go for a walk. We end up at Tate Britain, and see the Picasso exhibition. Find that I’m most impressed by his drawings – his line in particular. There’s also a Patrick Keiller exhibition in the main part of the gallery that I’m going to have to go back to catch properly. Try to explain Patrick Keiller to H, with no real success.
Decide to walk back rather than on, making a detour to the Beaconsfield Gallery for excellent cake and coffee. It appears that the kind of coffee I’ve been looking for is called a Flat White. Not sure about the exhibition they’ve got on (it’s video installation in the arch out the back and I’m not sure that the extreme reverberation is a part of the presentation. Also it’s quite cold in there and H came out without a jacket), but the coffee was excellent.
Then go to the Tesco on Kennington Lane, and home.
Almost immediately I go out to Robert Dyas. I have some strange notion of getting an egg boiler, but in fact get a frying pan, a work lamp, a small teapot and a telephone. Not sure how, exactly, anyone came to be setting up a shop that sells that sort of combination of goods, but I got them anyway. Small frying pan and teapot to replace perhaps excessively large frying pan and broken small teapot; telephone to replace one that won’t keep a charge (so whenever I do actually need to use it to make a call it’s annoyingly run down); work lamp to supplement or perhaps replace photography lamps, which are a bit of a bugger to carry around and anyway, I broke one of the bulbs recently.
Use the new frying pan to cook dinner.
After dinner I do the admin for a website I should be putting together, while watching numerous episodes of In the Night Garden. Realise, with a shock, that I’m approximately forty-five years too old for it. I think it’s the natural successor to The Goon Show, myself.