Mosquitos and Ice Cream in Kyoto

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You can’t actually see the mosquitos – they attacked in the forest, near the stream that I photographed there. Stand still for a moment and there’s the tell-tale pricking sensation. Followed by the tell-tale my-hand-swelling-up-like-a-balloon sensation.

The forest is in the grounds of the Shimogamo Shrine, also shown here, though not the innermost bit where photography (and hats; and shoes, of course) aren’t allowed. A genial old gentleman gave a long lecture on the history of the shrine, which I didn’t understand, but seemed very interesting. All while a couple seemed to be getting married in the shrine itself. 

And then ice-cream sundaes at the wonderful ice-cream-sundae joint. This is their special autumn sundae. We probably need to go back for the spring sundae. For the comparison.