Modest hallelujahs.

Oversleep ridiculously. I don’t know if there was an alarm and I ignored it, or there was no alarm, but I wake up at 9:30.

Have breakfast and a shower. Because of the lateness there’s no opportunity for anything else, so in fact I leave on time (whereas I’ve been tending to be at least a little late because I get distracted by Stuff).

Walk to work.

Spend the morning working on fish books (that is to say, picture books with fish in them) – these projects have been pushed aside rather, so we need to get them out of the way to clear space for the next project. Again, a pleasingly straightforward task.

Again I go for a walk at Lunchtime. It still seems like a good idea. I’m not used to things that seem like a good idea turning out actually to be a good idea, so something will probably go wrong at some point.

In the afternoon carry on with the Fish Preparation.

On the way home I stop off at the shop – I get some jars of curry sauce for evenings (such as tonight) when neither of us would be up to any proper cooking), and some vegetables from Greensmiths.

I make chicken curry. Well, the jar demanded twice as much chicken than we had, so it became chicken and cauliflower curry. Or as an expert on Indian food would call it “What the hell do you think you’re doing there? What are you doing with that cauliflower?”. With brown rice, to boot.

After dinner I do a final tweak Ben has requested to the last track on Super Whippy, make final tracks and finalise the video. Gerard will deliver later this week. We have a new album. Modest hallelujahs.

Linger too long at the computer, perhaps looking for something else to do, when Going To Bed was a perfectly good ambition.