I think I may be doing my new year rebirth thing a week late.

Up and breakfast. Later than I’d like. A lot of things at the moment are later than I’d like. Because I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday night, I think my body was keen to get some extra today.

Become engrossed in the process of gathering old diaries and so forth. That terrible sense of vertigo you get realising that an event that you feel just happened is, in fact, a very long time ago. On the other hand, events that seemed vague and distant, can become much closer and come alive on reading an account. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense. Time is like that.

I realise I’m running so late that I’ll need to take a bus to work – normally I can walk, but the bus is much quicker. As it turns out there’s enough of a wait that the time difference is negligable. I appear to be having a time problem at the moment.

Begin artworking a book so that it can go out to print – the artwork is assembled quite quickly and in such a way that it can be changed easily. What I need to do now is go through it and get rid of inconsistencies and uglinesses. I used to do this one way, and now I’m doing it another. A boring job, I quite enjoy it as it involves beginning at the top and working my way through a list until I get to the bottom. The predictability of it is quite gratifying.

After lunch I go for a walk, once around the block, just for the sake of it. Hopefully it will wake me up a bit and I won’t do an afternoon slump. Also, it will make up for the bus journey this morning.

In the afternoon back to artworking. It seems to be taking a long time, but I’m just cleaning everything up. This should all have been done at an earlier stage, but to be honest I don’t know which one. Worth noting that for the other books in the series, though.

I have three custard creams, a biscuit with ginger in it and a piece of panettone. Not all at the same time, but still.

Before leaving Walker I clean my desk using the antiseptic wipes that have been provided for the purpose. I think I may be doing my new year rebirth thing a week late.

Haru’s made dinner – Egg and chicken donburi. Yum.

Ben’s noticed something that needs to be changed on Super Whippy so I make the changes and re-render. The album. Almost there. I think. I managed to get it all synced to DropBox, finally.

Reading through old diary entries, I realised that I’d have nothing like that for the last few years since I lapsed. However long that is. They’re actually quite useful. So I’ve been moved to write another one. I don’t know whether it will stick.