I’m braced, in any case

Up late.

Breakfast. I list and weigh all the things that are in it and enter it into the app I use for keeping track of that sort of thing. Holy moley, no wonder I’m fat.

My list of Things To Do gets postponed a bit in favour of doing something with pinging noises in Logic and washing and ironing my shirts. H gets home and I elect to walk up to Islington, where we’re to see Knifeworld tonight, as I’ve been at home all day and could do with the exercise. She’ll take the tube later like a sensible person.

It is nice to walk, though, and the weather is very bracing. “Bracing” being the glass-half-full equivalent of “cold”. But I’m braced, in any case.

Meet up with H outside Angel station. We have dinner at the Indonesian place on St John’s Street. I choose something with lots of raw vegetables in it, and also have an apple and carrot juice, so I feel very virtuous. Interesting that moral purpose and greengrocer’s produce can be so easily confused.

Find a place at the front and side (so Haru can see, as it’s music that seems to attract tall men, who usually stand in front of one) to watch Knifeworld. Interesting that acoustic means also sitting down. In any case, they’re their usual awesome and it’s quite lovely.

Decide not to stay for the Admirals Hard set, but instead walk home.

Stop off at the supermarket and get smoked salmon (for tomorrow’s breakfast) and apples (for any other time, I suppose).

Watch Terminator 2 (the best Terminator, accept no substitute) and eat some of the apples.