Up late again. Breakfast.

A morning of… not sure what. Looking at the internet and fuming. It seems like a good idea at the time, and then later on it just seems so unproductive. Hum.

H comes back with lunch, so we have lunch.

Walk up to the Tate Modern.

Sit in the Rauschenberg again to do some typing. This time I pay more attention to the exhibition. Not sure what I think – his work is very eclectic, but to the extent of not really having much coherence. Also there’s something about the random-objects-stuck-together-and-painted-on-with-emulsion that I’ve seen in so many art school final year exhibitions that I’m not sure I value them as much as I ought.

But I get some typing done, which is good.

Relocate to a bench in the new bit to do some more writing. The benches are really not for sitting on for long periods of time – after a while my back begins to hurt. Or possibly they’re designed for smaller people to sit on. I expect they would be OK for smaller people.

Take a major detour to go to the shop and buy some apples, pears and carrots, all for Future Snacking Purposes.

Get home. H has already gone out. I eat some fruit and sit at the computer mixing tracks I’ve not even finished yet, which I’m sure isn’t the best idea. I’m not sure what the best idea is, but can narrow it down to “something different from what I actually do” in most circumstances.

H gets home, and we have dinner.

Back at the computer, fiddling with mixes again.

Toast to mark the end of January. Goes quite smoothly, possibly because there’s not much to say.

Minor site tweaking.