deeply suspicious of the de-cashing of the economy

Up, sit, breakfast, practise a couple of songs, shower, dress.

Into Walker in the rain, with umbrella. When I get there, my second-hand copy of Waterhouse on Newspaper Style has arrived. Pleasingly, it’s just the right size to fit in a jacket pocket. Intentional I think.

I spend the morning going between tweaking some scans of sketches that have come in and trying to get things out to print. They have already been through the process and were held up or sent back for one reason or another. This is, in some ways, more stressful than sending them out the first time, as it’s easy to be complacent and assume that  it’s all OK, which is asking for trouble.


More picture tweaking.

Finish work and walk home. As it’s not raining, the umbrella becomes a fashion affectation.

I stop off at the shop to get a couple of ingredients for dinner. They come to less than a pound, and I resort to paying with cash, which I’ve not done for a while. I should. Were I younger, I’d be deeply suspicious of the de-cashing of the economy, but now I’m old and complacent and strangely the world is suddenly full of things that seem much more threatening.

Dinner by H.

Brain bubbling, I spend a couple of hours opening unfinished tracks, listening to them and tweaking the mixes. I’m trying out a plug in that purports to simulate different kinds of player (headphones, hi-fi, phone, etc). I’m unconvinced, but realise I do need to do a lot more of that sort of thing, but with real things rather than virtual ones.

Sitting looking at Twitter. That’s doing nobody any good. I should go to bed.