stroll more considerately

Up, breakfast.

The day is spent doing more sounds for Viv’s game, with a break to iron a couple of shirts.

At four-and-a-bit shower and dress in proper clothes.

At just after five walk up to Soho. I walk a little faster than I ought,  leaving H behind, until I recalibrate my walking and stroll more considerately. Still people careening around everywhere makes it hard – my usual strategy being head-down-and-charge. But one can’t charge slowly.

Go to an Udon place on H’s recommendation – have beef udon and a couple of small dishes with some Kernel Table Beer. Very nice.

Finish the meal and walk over to the Jermyn Street Theatre.

As the theatre’s doors haven’t opened when we get there, we walk up and down Jermyn Street once. The clothes in the shop windows make what I’m wearing feel very cheap indeed (though it’s more affordable than cheap, at least first hand and I got it on eBay). I notice the mannequins (for men) are getting very thin. Which is more than one can say for the likely clientele.

The Frogs  is excellent, with loads of ridiculous Sondheim extended rhyming, some fantastic (given the small performance space) choreography and engaging performances. Feel very lucky to have had the chance to see it.

Walk home feeling slighly exhilarated, which I wasn’t expecting. The Frogs always had a slightly academic aura for me, but it’s really just a silly play (with a Serious Message), isn’t it? Pick up milk and croissants on the way home.

Do the toast – it’s nice that there’s enough time to do it tonight, as it always feels a bit messy if we leave it to the next month. As if we’re not taking it seriously.

Drink vodka and lime and continue listening to Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou