the whole head-around-ness

Up, breakfast.

Do some practise. I think I’m getting the hang of chromatic chord progressions, but I’m not sure. It feels like I understand it, but can’t quite get my head around it. Sounds nice though, so perhaps the whole head-around-ness isn’t completely necessary.

Shower, dress, into Walker to do stuff to hares.

Go for a walk around the block – or at least over Lambeth Bridge, past Tate Britain and back again over Vauxhall Bridge – after lunch.

Afternoon very tough – feeling very sleepy, which hasn’t happened for a while, and also a bit grumpy. Trying not to show this, as it appears to be just something that’s happening in my head, but still. Want to sleep.

Walk home, stopping by a supermarket to get milk. Head bubbling somewhat.

Dinner by H – cous cous and vegetables.

Go to the computer and finish the final pair for Restless Spirit Projector. Upload same.

Record my voices for Restless Spirit Projector after some prompting from Viv. Interesting how quickly it goes – I’ve obviously sharpened up my speed editings skills. But I’m not getting to bed early, that’s for sure.