in imitation of free will or individuality

Up, sit, breakfast.

Broadly manage to avoid playing the guitar (perhaps a couple of chords), but don’t seem to get out of the flat any earlier. Nice day though.

Morning – mostly fish.

After eating lunch I take another turn round the block, except today I decide to go in the opposite direction, just because I can, in imitation of free will or individuality, perhaps.

Afternoon shift – more hares. It’s the kind of job that messes up my head after a few hours. I don’t really know why, but it does. So I’m quite bewildered by six o’clock.

Borrow a bag to get my stuff home.

Go up to the shop to get dinner – one of the butcher’s convenient premade foods. And salad and stuff. I didn’t notice we had tomatos when I checked the fridge, so I get more. H said this is what she did yesterday, so now we have lots of tomatos. Which is probably a good thing. I like tomatos.

Dinner, then eat too many imperial mints. Which is more than four. So far too many imperial mints. The one bit of imperialism I can get behind wholeheartedly.

Create the final track for Restless Spirits – I’d mis- or unread the script and need to spin something out of bits of other tracks. Also remix the triumphant end music, so there’s more expression to the sounds.

Do the invoices for last month, which will hopefully get paid this month. Long story.

Make a spooky loop, just because. Upload it anyway.