That felt a bit futury.

Up, breakfast. Vegetate.

Morning fiddling about with chromatic chords, which are still alluring, plentiful and bewildering.

Shower and dress.

Go out in the sunshine to deliver the final, signed document to complete my father’s estate. Which ought to be it, but if the rest of the process is anything to go by will take a while.

Walk along to Somerset House to see the Restless Spirit Projector that Viv’s been building, and for which I’ve done sounds and music. It’s very fine, and quite unusual. Partly because it doesn’t appear to involve any technology at all – just hand mirrors. Go for a coffee with the fellow who coded it, and find myself doing conversational ineptitude again – for some reason the conversation becomes about how I don’t play games rather than about how he makes them, which would be much more interesting. I really need to stop doing that.

Find myself going to the Apple Store, where I inspect and buy an Apple Watch. I’ve been receiving Apple Store gift vouchers for some time, and I felt the urge to cash them in. The sales assistant is very, professionally, nice and I end up with the thing, but feel again that I’m doing human interaction wrong.

Walk home in the sunshine via the shop where I buy tomorrow’s breakfast and tonight’s dinner.

Get home and unpack my new purchase. I spend some time setting it up and fiddling with at, finding out what it can do, as it’s not as if I’d put any prior thought into the purchase. Some apps I thought I’d be using a lot are a bit underwhelming, but it looks like it will be very useful.

This makes dinner late, but it’s very nice, but not of the excess levels I’ve come to expect on a Friday. Have to rush out to get an avocado, which isn’t a sentence I ever thought I’d construct, and get to try out using the watch to pay for it. That felt a bit futury.

Seems to be Depeche Mode night on BBC4. Can’t help but feel that my generation is moving into the position that Fleetwood Mac’s natural audience occupied a few years ago.