I’ve got to dodge a number of people

Up, breakfast. Today’s breakfast includes black pudding, so H can find out what it’s like. Generally approved of.

Spend a lot of the day dithering and hanging around. I must have done some stuff, but I can’t remember what. H goes out to the pictures.

Go out for a run. It’s got warm. It would be impossible to get down the South Bank on a Saturday afternoon in this weather, so I elect to go round by Tate Britain. Even so, I’ve got to dodge a number of people.

Stretch, shower and get dressed. And H comes home.

Do the ironing while watching the first three episodes of Inside Number 9, which I’ve unaccountably not seen until now. Very good television to iron to, I must say.

Somehow it becomes 8:30 without my really noticing it happening.

Go and get fish and chips, with detours to buy stuff for tomorrow’s breakfast. I send the message to put the kettle on from the watch. I might think of that as progress. It seems like progress.

Watch most of Transport 2 and all of Dredd. A nice bit of Saturday night hyperviolence.