perhaps Week 9 is where I’m supposed to be

Up, coffee, a bit of guitar playing, more coffee, shower, dress, into work, dropping off a couple of suits to be dry-cleaned on the way. I think I’ve dressed in a faintly absurd summer sort of way, with which I have no problem, but which might have a comedy aspect to it.

Spend some time transferring text from Illustrator to Indesign.

Home again, dither, then go out for a run. Somehow I manage to skip from Week 6 of Couch to 5k to Week 9, but manage to complete it anyway, so perhaps Week 9 is where I’m supposed to be. Home, stretch, shower, then get dressed and go to buy some milk.

Listen to some new CA tracks that Ben and Gerard have been working on. No idea what I’ll do for them. Perhaps I’ll find out at the weekend.

Dither, write a very long post on Metafilter, soon (late) to bed.