Not a shopping expedition I’ve overthought.

Up, breakfast, shower, dress.

Into Walker, and do the normal retouching stuff.

At lunchtime walk to the local Tesco and get a punnet of strawberries and a cauliflower. Not a shopping expedition I’ve overthought.

In the afternoon eat the strawberries and the cauliflower (I’m not sure that I’ve eaten an entire cauliflower before. While it’s not an experience I’d warn against, I’m not sure it’s one I’d recommend particularly either), and carry on with the work.

Call at the shop on the way home. I go via the park, which is a long cut rather than a short cut, on account of building work. That said, it is more scenic and the weather is lovely so I don’t mind. In the end all I get at the shop is meatballs.

Dinner is the meatballs and rice, followed by delicious Japanese cakes that H was given by one of her friends.

Watch the first episode of the new season of Better Call Saul, which is going for the superlatives again.

In order to keep the TV momentum going, watch the documentary about 60s psychedelic music and one of those Pink Floyd retrospectives.