and an awareness of DaDaism and the Russian Revolution

Up, breakfast, more coffee.

Get a move on, shower and walk into Walker.

Get to Walker about five minutes after I ought to have done. There’s another package waiting for me – I’ve lost a bit of weight, so I’ve had to replace a lot of my clothes. Now might be a good time to put a brake on it, and sell off a few things that are now a bit baggy. Do diverse artworkings.

At lunchtime, after my soup, take a walk around the block.

Afternoon is doing 3D stuff with hares.

Wander home with my boxed mic stand over my shoulder and my package. I had thought I might leave them for tomorrow, but then I’ll have dry cleaning as well, which would make it even more complicated.

Drop off the packages and walk up to Shaftesbury Avenue and go to the theatre to watch Travesties, which I missed at the much-closer-to-home Menier Chocolate Factory.

Travesties is wonderful, but is a pyrotechnic display of ideas and words. I know what’s going on because I read it so many times (even though there are a couple of stage directions I must have misunderstood, that took me by surprise), but it’s really for people with a working knowledge of The Importance of Being Earnest, and an awareness of DaDaism and the Russian Revolution. I laughed a lot, though.

Walk home and get sandwich and beer for late dinner.

Eat sandwich and pears, drink beer and watch YouTube.