Grangousier is the name I adopted online fairly early in my internet career.

(That’s career in the sense, “rushing around in an uncontrolled way, bouncing off things”.)

When I needed a webname, I leafed through my copy of Rabelais’ Gargantua and Pantagruel, which happened to be sitting next to my computer, and worked my way through the names until I got to one that no one had already taken.

As Grangousier sort of means “Big Eater” (his wife is Gargamelle, which sort of implies drinking), it’s turned out to be an entirely appropriate name, but it was purely coincidental.

He’s Gargantua’s father, the King of Utopia.

You may be wondering – and by that, of course, I mean that it’s possible, not that I’m giving you permission (you don’t need, permission, God knows, wonder away) – why I’m putting a frankly tedious diary up on the internet where anyone could see it.

Well, yes, they could. But they don’t, on the whole. I can tell that from the referrer logs. And that’s fine – there’s a lot of stuff that people do that has a beneficial effect on their lives by virtue of the fact that it’s published, which has no relation to the notion that it might be consumed.

But, you know, fairly welcome to my life.