it’s quite possible I’m wrong, as I have a talent for it

Up, sit, coffee, some guitar playing, some more coffee, shower, dress.

Into Walker.

The day is spent largely working on hares with occasional fish interjections. When I arrive, my cupboard is full of cake for a birthday celebration later on. Today is a fast day, so I’m not allowed anything, which includes cake. When I go home I take a couple of leftover pieces in a tupperware container.

Walk home via the local chemist, which has been long closed. I could have guessed that, but I suppose the extra walking did me some good or other.

When I get home and unpack the packages, it seems that the shoes are not only genuine Loake shoes,  but are vintage. Or at least old. Which I assume is an advantage, though it’s quite possible I’m wrong, as I have a talent for it. The suit is also nice. The trousers claim to be 36″ at the waist and yet they fit. This is freakish.

Walk up to Waterloo Station to get some mouthwash to hopefully quell the abused gums.

Go out for a run – down the South Bank, so there’s a certain amount of dodging people, though not as much as there will be in a month or so. I’ll have to go off in search of backstreets to jog down. That or get up really early.

Stretch and shower.

Do the ironing while watching Avengers: Age of Ultron. Yes, Ironing Man, ha, ha. I first saw the film in the morning, and went to see Fury Road in the afternoon, and it’s always suffered rather by the comparison, at least in my memory. It’s fine, though, and I have a lot of ironing to do, so it occupies the time wonderfully.

H gets home, and I quiz her about the shoes.