stroll more considerately

Up, breakfast.

The day is spent doing more sounds for Viv’s game, with a break to iron a couple of shirts.

At four-and-a-bit shower and dress in proper clothes.

At just after five walk up to Soho. I walk a little faster than I ought,  leaving H behind, until I recalibrate my walking and stroll more considerately. Still people careening around everywhere makes it hard – my usual strategy being head-down-and-charge. But one can’t charge slowly.

Go to an Udon place on H’s recommendation – have beef udon and a couple of small dishes with some Kernel Table Beer. Very nice.

Finish the meal and walk over to the Jermyn Street Theatre.

As the theatre’s doors haven’t opened when we get there, we walk up and down Jermyn Street once. The clothes in the shop windows make what I’m wearing feel very cheap indeed (though it’s more affordable than cheap, at least first hand and I got it on eBay). I notice the mannequins (for men) are getting very thin. Which is more than one can say for the likely clientele.

The Frogs  is excellent, with loads of ridiculous Sondheim extended rhyming, some fantastic (given the small performance space) choreography and engaging performances. Feel very lucky to have had the chance to see it.

Walk home feeling slighly exhilarated, which I wasn’t expecting. The Frogs always had a slightly academic aura for me, but it’s really just a silly play (with a Serious Message), isn’t it? Pick up milk and croissants on the way home.

Do the toast – it’s nice that there’s enough time to do it tonight, as it always feels a bit messy if we leave it to the next month. As if we’re not taking it seriously.

Drink vodka and lime and continue listening to Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou

to add to the teetering pile.

Up and coffee.

To give H a chance to have breakfast between cups of coffee, I pick up the guitar. I promise myself I’m only going to play through previously existing, though unfinished, songs. However, I inadvertantly managed to write another one, to add to the teetering pile.

Then more coffee, shower and dress.

Into Walker very late, but then I’m on my own recognizance today. The morning is spent putting together Hares artwork, creating new pictures. The afternoon is spent trying type options for Fiction, which also makes a nice change.

Go for a run, which is probably all that I’m good for on a Thursday evening. Well, of the available options. I go down the South Bank, which will probably be impassable until the late evening, soon.

Stretch and shower.

Watch the last episode of Legion, which is kind of stunning. I do hope other series try to compete with it, because that would be fun.

Up late again, watching videos on YouTube. It’s like there’s a compulsively-watching-YouTube me that only comes out after everyone else has gone to bed. All those years he spent staring into space long into the night, waiting for YouTube to come into being.

May be entering a slapstick phase

Up really early and go for a run. Or jog. Or, to be honest, stumble. I was going to redo the last one before the big leap to twenty minutes, but I’m still asleep and forgot and then the programme is on, so I do the twenty minute run. The first time I did Couch to 5K that was an impossible-seeming leap, but I’m quite blasé about it now. Home, stretch and shower. Then breakfast.

Get in to Walker early-for-me-but-not-for-a-normal-person.

Morning spent firstly redoing a picture I did yesterday (as I did the wrong one), then stuff with Hares.

Lunch, and do final amends to the page I got wrong. Then give the impression that I’ve done the wrong one again (though I haven’t). May be entering a slapstick phase, where I find myself walking headlong into walls for the entertainment of workmates and passers-by. Not as much fun to do as to watch.

Afternoon doing things with Hares, again.

Home via the shop – I buy some prepared marinated chicken and a bunch of vegetables.

Make and eat dinner. This could be an acceptable ready meal alternative for me, though I really ought to be capable of chopping things up and soaking them in stuff before stir-frying them. It’s just a question of working out the quantity and types of stuff for the soaking. Anyway, it’s very nice.

We listen to Concrete Desert by The Bug, Earth and Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou. I think very different, but then what do I know.

Struggle with making a small WordPress site. I’ve noticed that every time I try to install WordPress somewhere, I have to do it twice, as the first time something goes wrong. Tonight is not an exception.

Go and make some more sounds for the game/show thing. I really need to get more of this done either Friday or Monday.

Late again.

a perplexing page-count conundrum

Up at 8:40, rather than at least an hour earlier, which is what I was aiming for. I had a strange dream, which I remember thinking made sense at the time, but afterwards less so. The clearest detail that stays with me is that my unconscious affects to convince me that various soul classics were sung by someone I’ve never heard of, and probably made up. Why would it do that?

Coffee, shower, dress.

Into Walker. I arrive at the time we currently designate as “on time”. I’d have liked to be a lot earlier, but I’m not. Which comes from waking up late, of course.

Morning spent making a paperback cover. I’m supposed to be doing the insides too, but there’s a perplexing page-count conundrum to which I don’t get an answer, so I move on to another job.

Lunch. Actually stay down in the dining room for a chat, today. I must be in a post-course good mood.

Afternoon spent doing more transferring of text from Illustrator to Indesign.

Home. Try on the suit – which fits a bit snugly, but hopefully I’ll shrink into it.

Dinner by H – pasta with an excellent salad that incorporates nori and salt-and-vinegar crisps. Wash up and make tea.

Go up to the supermarket and buy a cauliflower. I’m struck by the banality and specificity of that. I happen to like cauliflower as a snack food, but still. Oh, and get some cash to pay for lunch tomorrow. That too.

Get back to doing voices and sounds – the deadline will be coming up soon, scarily…

End up staying up late trying to render something I’ve been working on. Amazing the way computers know to slow down when you’re in a hurry, isn’t it?

Well, perhaps not everything, but lots.

The taxi driver we end up with is openly skeptical of all the information we have, with the possible exception of the name of our ultimate destination. Possibly even that.

We get tickets. As there’s a lot of time before the train departs, we elect to have, in my case, breakfast. We wind up at the outside tables of a brasserie on the local rambla and eat pizza and discuss stuff. The pizza takes long enough to arrive that we have to eat in a hurry before we make our way back to the station and get on the train – definitely the right one, I checked the departure board and everything. Well, perhaps not everything, but lots.

We sit on the train until twenty minutes after it was supposed to have departed. Then we notice that everybody else has got off, possibly to get on a through train to who knows where. Mika goes to ask what’s going on. The guy at the ticket office isn’t able to tell us what’s going on, but does suggest taking another train which goes near our destination, at which point we need a taxi or a bus or something. We get on the train he recommends. At approximately the right time it begins to move, and it seems to be going on the right direction. I begin to drift off to sleep. I occasionally need to get up and rescue my luggage, which is a bit restless in the luggage area. A few stops before the stop we need to get off at, several folks we already know get on – Jaxie, Al, Sebas and Dev. On reaching the town, Dev stays with us to get a taxi and the others walk to the house. So it is walkable.

The taxi from the station to the house is a lot more straightforward than the one from the airport to the other station. The impression I’d constructed of the house as a bit spartan and challenging is contradicted by the place itself. Which is good. Better, anyway, than the other way round. I say hello and then unpack and make my bed. Best to get that sort of thing over with at the beginning.

17:22 – Sitting in the Dining Room. Dinner will be at 19:00, I expect.

I overpack ludicrously

Up, breakfast.

Do a run. The sun is shining. It’s sort of peak doing-a-run weather – bright but not hot. Home, stretch, shower, dress.

Get lunch from downstairs. The simple sandwich I planned when I went down there somehow turns into a lavish plate of pasta, with tortilla and vegetables. But very nice, though.

Go to the post office to get Euros. They’ve changed it around, turning it from an inconvenient convenience store to a proper post office again.

Go out again to get stuff. I probably should have a more specific shopping list than “stuff”. The stuff I end up with includes shower gel, antihistamines and mouthwash which is, luckily, what I need. I also paid 5p for a Superdrug bag. I always feel like I’ve failed in my preparation when I have to pay for a bag.

Finalise my packing. I’m only going to be gone for four days, but I only have one suitcase – which is suitable for about a week – so I overpack ludicrously. I suspect there are clothes in there I’m about to take to Spain and then just bring back again, but perhaps they’d appreciate the holiday.

Go downstairs to get pizza, but there’s no pizza (long, dull story), so I get fish and chips. Weekend starting very early here. Also beer.

Watch more episodes of Iron Fist. I don’t know why. I’ve gone a bit MST3K on it.

When I need to get up at, say, four, staying up too late is earlier than usual, but it’s still too late. Up at four, then.

I should start my list of Things I Really Should Have Thought About Earlier.

Up, coffee, shower, dress.

Into Walker. There’s something I notice on the way in, that I think “Ah, I should remember that for later and write it down”, but I’ve completely forgotten.

Spend the day doing a range of small jobs, which is quite fun. It looks like I’ll have tomorrow free for packing.

Home, then go out immediately to get milk. On returning to the flat I realise I’ve come out without my keys. I try to get H’s attention, and just as I successfully call her, one of the many South Americans who are living in the building appears and opens the front door, so I get in that way.

I calculate that I’ll have to get up at four o’clock in the morning on Wednesday in order to get to the airport. Actually, I could probably take a later train, but I don’t trust public transport in the least. Must remember to check in tomorrow.

I could pack now – it’s only four days, after all – but am frozen. Assume that tomorrow that the something will assert itself and overwhelm the panic, as that’s what usually happens. My suitcase is going to be very large for the small amount of clothing I’ll need. I should start my list of Things I Really Should Have Thought About Earlier.

Fire up Logic – I do a truncated version of one of the sounds I’ve been working on and then noodle with strings and piano. I also spend some time playing with Messaien’s Modes of Limited Transposition. I’m sure there are innumerable more useful things I could be doing, but I’m already pinned in place with a pre-travel panic attack.

a somewhat overdone “Congratulations, you’ve completed the game” tune

Up. I seem to have heat-based problems making breakfast – I heat up the milk twice, so it’s very hot (not that much of a problem, all told) and I burn the eggs a bit. It’s a sign. If only I had the faintest idea what it meant.

The day is spent making more sounds and a somewhat overdone “Congratulations, you’ve completed the game” tune.

Go out to look for something for dinner. That doesn’t really bode well. I do get more apples and pears and I resort to getting a kebab from the shop around the corner. Not health food, really, but never mind.

Watch the first four episodes of Iron Fist. It’s fine, I guess. But it’s no Luke Cage. More to the point, it’s not going to be able to compete with Legion.

slightly more colourful than my faintly ludicrous weekday clothes

Up, breakfast. Still haven’t got the new butchers trained to give me four pieces of bacon rather than two, but then that’s probably exactly one piece of bacon healthier.

Most of the day is spent working on game loops in a slightly dithery sort of way. Partly it’s because I’m working on what I imagine is needed and there will come a point where someone gets back to me and tells me that actually something quite different is needed.

Go for a run. I think I’ve found a circuit that avoids the crowds and doesn’t involve crossing too many main roads. Less enthusiastic than previously. Probably because I’m in Saturday Recovery Mode.

Shower and get dressed in faintly ludicrous weekend clothes (slightly more colourful than my faintly ludicrous weekday clothes).

Watch The Nice Guys and do my ironing. Or rather, do most of it, then need to make dinner, so pause it just before Amelia is apparently about to explain something.

Go out and get a cauliflower and some smoked salmon from Sainsburys. Actually I go to two, and get a bigger cauliflower and cheaper salmon. Who says it doesn’t pay to shop around? Also chips. Actually, mostly chips, but it’s nice to have the salmon.

Watch the rest of the film and eat my dinner.

(for those of us who are gappy of tooth)

Up. Breakfast, coffee, shower, dress. Leave late. Have literally no idea why at this point. I just know I was late.

In to Walker. On the way in, I find a number of cars pulling out unexpectedly in front of me – a veritable unexpected convoy near the Imperial War Museum. It’s my own personal divination system – the obstructions I meet on the way to work as a sign of how the day will go.

As I pass a newsagent, I see that where the Daily Mail would usually be, someone has put the South London Press. Whether this is Direct Political Action by a passer-by or something on the part of the newsagent, I don’t know. It’s nice not to see the Daily Mail, though.

On arriving, after a few days away from the office, I find some packages waiting: a pair of desert boots; a suit that I deliberately underbidded on (so was very cheap); that’s a size below all my others, to test when that size fits me; some extra-large, purple-coded interdental brushes (for those of us who are gappy of tooth), and a CD from France, by La Feline, with a nice note from the artist herself. This is what you get with independent artists. Rather makes my day.

The day is spent doing some artworking for a fiction cover, and then a spot of hardcore Wallifying. In the middle I’m given a sandwich, which is nice. Free lunch, yeah. Generally a day of Getting Stuff, then.

Get home, then go out to get tomorrow’s breakfast (and, in my case, dinner), then home again. Had planned to go out and run, but can’t find a bearable route to run it on – too many people around on a Friday evening. I’ll do it tomorrow. I tell myself.

Try on the shoes (which are nicely green and flashy and relaxed) and the suit, which, I establish, already fits me. So there’s that. Even though I’m now back into obesity again, for sure. After that sandwich.

Edit one song from Tuesday night and post it to Facebook. Interesting experiment, anyway.

As H is out tomorrow night, tonight is Fish and Chip night. I venture out to get them. The weather has decided to snap cold, in case we were getting complacent.

There’s a very interesting Rich Hall programme about country music. I do find the story of country fascinating, but really don’t find myself wanting to listen to very much of it. Hall’s very good, though. I complain a lot about BBC documentaries that are centred on the presenter, and with him I don’t mind as he’s intelligent and funny, and actually tells the story he’s there to tell.

Watch the latest episodes of Legion (which is becoming pleasingly hallucinatory), and of Only Connect (which has reached the higher, unanswerable, stages of the competition).